District Pilates

District Pilates is a boutique contemporary Pilates studio in Washington, D.C with locations in Shaw and Petworth. Both Reformer studios offer private, semi-private, and group classes using Peak Pilates Reformers and Chairs. DP also has a separate Chair studio above our Reformer space in Shaw where we use Balanced Body equipment and teach a variety of cardio, circuit and interval training options. Classes range from beginner to advanced and can be targeted and tailored to an individual client’s needs. Pilates is ideal for every body type, level of fitness, and age group. It’s an exercise program that develops core strength as it dynamically works to both stretch and activate muscles, restoring the body’s natural grace, power, and balance. District Pilates’ small classes guarantee you’ll receive plenty of guidance and support from our experienced instructors. Pilates can be done barefoot or with socks or grip socks.  District Pilates has been voted Best Pilates Studio in Washington City Paper Magazine for both 2018, 2019 and 2020

For a listing and description of the classes we offer, please click here.

Featured Trainers

Chloe Fusselman

Position:Pilates Reformer Instructor
Chloe found District Pilates when she moved to DC in 2016, and it quickly became the only workout she actually found herself looking forward to. She was immediately hooked after improving her upper body strength, posture, and overall muscle tone and decided to start teaching in 2019. Chloe likes her classes to be challenging and creative yet accessible, to give others the same confidence in exercise that she discovered through her practice. Focusing on breathing and engaging throughout class (usually to a soundtrack of early 2000s bops), Chloe’s full-body workouts always end with a lengthening stretch and signature final deep breath. When she isn’t teaching or hopping into classes herself, Chloe can be found testing out new instant pot recipes, watching garbage television, or awkwardly taking photos in coffee shops for her life and style blog Chlo & Tell.

Mia Anderson

Position:Pilates Reformer Instructor
Mia started practicing Reformer Pilates when looking to diversify her workout. She began regularly attending classes at District Pilates and quickly found that Reformer Pilates strengthened her core and improved her flexibility, all while creating long lean muscles. Her classes are interactive and fun, and her signature "Lights Out Cool Down" is a win. You’ll leave stronger, relaxed, and ready to come back for more!


  • "Bailey's workouts are geared not just for abs and core but also designed to give a strong upper body workout, saving you a trip to the gym!"

    Gary - Shaw

  • "I have been a student of Bailey's for over four years and it has been a life changing experience. Her classes have changed my entire approach to fitness and I have never felt healthier and more in shape. Bailey is a hands on teacher who makes you feel like you are the only student in the room. She helps you improve your practice but always remembers your limitations and injuries and creates a personalized experience for each student. I highly recommend both pilates reformer and Bailey as an instructor - her classes are challenging and fun at the same time!"

    Parita S. - U Street

  • “Reformer with Bailey is GREAT! Bailey is an extremely knowledgeable, inspiring, and challenging instructor. She keeps each workout fresh and is able to individualize for each person in the class. I have been taking reformer with Bailey for almost a year and appreciate that she monitors my progress and knows when to increase the tension of the reformer. Bailey’s classes are fun, provide a total body workout, and are a good complement to my cardio and spinning routine. I recommend reformer with Bailey for anyone looking to reach a higher level of fitness!”

    Danielle K., Chinatown

  • "Bailey is a wonderful Pilates instructor. I would particularly recommend Bailey if you’re just starting Pilates. She is warm and welcoming, and never makes you feel uncomfortable in class as you’re learning the different exercises. That being said, she always wants to make sure her classes are challenging and she is always incorporating new exercises and modifications to keep you on your toes."

    Kate K. Adams Morgan

  • "Bailey is why I do Pilates. She has instructed me since I was a beginner and constantly challenges me and my muscles! Her mix of core, strength, cardio and stretch ensures I get a full body workout. I am addicted."

    Maryam K. U Street

  • "Bailey's workouts don't feel like work. She pushes us all to exceed our limits and build core strength, flexibility and endurance. But she smartly knows that the best way to motivate us is to make sure we enjoy ourselves. Every class is focused, disciplined and exhausting - but also very fun. I'd do Pilates with Bailey every day, if I could."

    John M. - U Street

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