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Diana Holcomb

Position:Pilates Reformer Instructor
Diana found Pilates in 2005 when two friends peer-pressured her into checking out a mat class. She's in "like" with mat, but fell in love with reformer, and has been coming to District Pilates since it opened in 2015. As a teen, Diana was a nationally-qualifying competitive equestrian and worked at a stable for the trainer of an Olympic gold medalling dressage team, learning to value control, precision, and balance. Through Pilates reformer, she blends these principles with joyful motion and a deep connection between mind and body. She loves being able to see herself improve in some way after EVERY class, whether it's being able to do a move that used to be too hard, having better posture, or just feeling stronger and more flexible. Diana is certified in Balanced Body's Mat 1-3 and Reformer 1-3, and is working toward her comprehensive instructor certification test. She has also taken part in mentoring sessions with several Balanced Body Master Trainers. Diana's classes are an athletic/contemporary mix of full-body workout, all-levels options and killer stretches. Her goal is for you to feel "smug sore" the next day, as opposed to "sorrowful sore", and she loves helping her clients discover the joy in what their body can do. Along with being an engineer by profession, Diana has also been a DJ since the late 90s, and has DJed the Black Cat, the Ottobar, and 9:30 Club amongst several other venues. Get ready for some exciting playlists!