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Cassandra Cunningham

Position:Pilates Reformer Instructor
Cassandra took her first reformer class at Vida in 2012 from a new instructor named Bailey and the rest is history. She had been doing yoga daily for years and kept injuring herself overdoing it. She started traveling for work and found 2-3 reformer classes per week kept her in the same shape- maybe stronger- than her previous routine. She was hooked. Before becoming a mother in March 2021, you would find Cassandra chatting her way through Bailey’s 6AM advanced reformer or chair class most weekdays. She loves District Pilates for the community as much as for the workouts. She’s currently working on getting back to a daily pilates routine. What her classes are like: Cassandra adds a lot of stretching and balance challenges to her classes. Growing up her father taught her that strength, endurance and flexibility together are the foundation of fitness. Cassandra would add balance to that formula - and she tries to reflect that in her class plans. You’ll get to push your limits with some heavier weights, curse your instructor under your breath while doing the full hundred, and explore ways to improve your balance and flexibility with props like the overball, balance pad, and yoga blocks.