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Lucie Weinberg

Position:Pilates Reformer Instructor
Lucie began her fitness career as a Barre instructor in Charleston, South Carolina in 2014. After teaching Barre for 2 years, Lucie discovered Exhale Pilates, a pilates reformer studio where she eventually got certified, and switched from teaching barre to teaching pilates reformer/tower classes from 2016/2017. Lucie loved that pilates reformer was a more versatile workout that not only helped to create long, lean muscles, but also helped with flexibility and accommodated the injuries she had acquired from playing sports over the years. When Lucie moved to DC in July 2017, she found District Pilates and immediately fell in love with the studio and started teaching. Lucie's teaching style is challenging and fast-paced, with stretching thrown in throughout. Lucie wants to make the most of every minute during class so that you leave feeling like you got a good work out.