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Chloe Fusselman

Position:Pilates Reformer Instructor
Chloe found District Pilates when she moved to DC in 2016, and it quickly became the only workout she actually found herself looking forward to. She was immediately hooked after improving her upper body strength, posture, and overall muscle tone and decided to start teaching in 2019. Chloe likes her classes to be challenging and creative yet accessible, to give others the same confidence in exercise that she discovered through her practice. Focusing on breathing and engaging throughout class (usually to a soundtrack of early 2000s bops), Chloe’s full-body workouts always end with a lengthening stretch and signature final deep breath. When she isn’t teaching or hopping into classes herself, Chloe can be found testing out new instant pot recipes, watching garbage television, or awkwardly taking photos in coffee shops for her life and style blog Chlo & Tell.